Atlantic Center for Capital Representation (ACCR)

The Atlantic Center for Capital Representation (ACCR) is a non-profit death penalty resource center providing legal advocacy, education, and training to combat the death penalty in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Launched in 2010, ACCR was formed with three distinct missions: to ensure that every individual facing the death penalty receives the best legal representation possible; to prevent wrongful capital convictions and executions; and to work for systemic reforms that address issues such as racial and class discrimination, ineffective counsel, cruel and unusual punishment, police and prosecutorial misconduct and the multitude of other issues inherent in the administration and application of the death penalty.

Since its inception, ACCR has functioned as an independent, creative and determined advocate for the local and global reform of our nation’s criminal justice system. Based in Philadelphia, ACCR has emerged as a reputable source of information and analysis about legal precedent and public policy issues relating to the death penalty. ACCR is a key resource in the Atlantic region for capital defense teams and their clients, legislators, public officials, criminal justice reform assemblies, death penalty advocacy groups, media outlets, and concerned citizens of Pennsylvania, Delaware and across the entire United States.

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