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The Atlantic Center for Capital Representation (ACCR) is a non-profit death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentencing and resentencing resource center providing consultation and mitigation services, legal advocacy, education, and training to combat the death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentences in Pennsylvania.

Launched in 2010, ACCR has three distinct missions: to ensure that every individual facing the death penalty or a juvenile life without parole sentence receives the best legal representation possible; to prevent wrongful capital convictions and executions; and to work for systemic reforms that address issues such as racial and class discrimination, ineffective counsel, cruel and unusual punishment, police and prosecutorial misconduct and the multitude of other issues inherent in the administration and application of the death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentences.

Since its inception, ACCR has functioned as an independent, creative and determined advocate for the local and global reform of our nation’s criminal justice system. Based in Philadelphia, ACCR has emerged as a reputable source of information and analysis about legal precedent and public policy issues. ACCR is a key resource in the Atlantic region for defense teams and their clients, legislators, public officials, criminal justice reform assemblies, death penalty advocacy groups, media outlets, and concerned citizens of Pennsylvania, and across the entire United States.


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ACCR staff is available to provide trial-level consultation and training in capital cases in Pennsylvania, as well as juvenile life without parole cases and re-sentencings.  

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ACCR Staff



Marc Bookman

Marc Bookman is the Co-Director of the Atlantic Center for Capital Representation. From 1993 to 2010 he was in the Homicide Unit of the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Since 1995 he has taught at many death penalty conferences, including those sponsored by the National Legal Aid and Defender Association, the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and has been on the faculty of numerous hands-on trainings sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, as well as those sponsored by ACCR. He has published essays in The Atlantic, Mother Jones, VICE and Slate on various aspects of capital jurisprudence. He received a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and his law degree from the University of North Carolina.



Dana Cook

Prior to becoming ACCR's Co-Director, Dana worked at the Defender Association of Philadelphia, both as a social worker and a mitigation specialist. She began in the Juvenile Special Defense Unit representing Direct File Juveniles–children who were charged as adults in the criminal justice system. After working in this unit for two years, she worked in the Homicide/Special Defense Unit as a mitigation specialist. There, she represented capital and non-capital clients charged with homicide.

Over the past ten years, Dana has been a trainer and presenter at death penalty conferences around the country. She has presented on various topics including mitigation investigation and presentation; client relationships; team building; working with trauma; and understanding mental health and substance abuse. Additionally, Dana has trained lawyers and mitigation specialists on how to handle Juvenile Life Without Parole cases. She also supervises mitigation specialists handling these cases.

Prior to working at the Defender, Dana was an investigator in the Capital Habeas Unit of the Federal Defender Office in Philadelphia working for indigent defendants on Pennsylvania’s death row. She began her career as an investigator at the Post-Conviction Defender Office in Nashville, TN.  She received her B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration in 1996 from Middle Tennessee State University and her Masters of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003.


Outreach community Coordinator

Akeem Davis

Akeem Davis, originally from Miami, Fl, holds his bachelor's degree in Humanities from the Florida State University. In 2011 Akeem relocated to Philadelphia to begin a career in acting.  Akeem joined ACCR in 2014 as Outreach Community Coordinator to promulgate ACCR's work against the death penalty. Through continued legal advances, a campaign of public education and the impact of strategic community partnerships, Akeem hopes to help ACCR engage Philadelphia (and Pennsylvania!) in a large effort to combat capital punishment. A proud man of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Akeem has been nominated for three Barrymore Awards for excellence in Philadelphia Theatre, a Helen Hayes Award for Excellence in DC Theatre, and is the recipient of the 2015 F. Otto Haas Award for Emerging Theatre Artist.  


Mitigation Specialist

Kaylyn Christian

Kaylyn Christian was born and raised in Central New Jersey. She moved to Philadelphia to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Temple University. During her time at Temple and continuing after graduation, Kaylyn was involved with numerous trainings held on Capital Punishment, Criminal Law, Criminal Defense, Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Mitigation Investigation and Presentation. This included various trainings hosted by ACCR over the years. Kaylyn graduated Cum Laude with her B.A. in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 2015. 

Prior to becoming ACCR’s in-house mitigation specialist, Kaylyn was a Mitigation Intern at the Defenders Association of Philadelphia for nine months where she had a significant pre-trial caseload to manage. Kaylyn then went into private practice, as a paralegal and mitigation specialist, on post-conviction capital, non-capital homicide, juvenile life without parole and federal sentencing cases in Pennsylvania and out of state. 

What Kaylyn enjoys most about this field is the teamwork. She also loves interviewing, collecting records and maintaining relationships with clients who have so much valuable wisdom and perspective to offer about the criminal justice system and life in general.