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Your contribution to ACCR will advance the fight against capital punishment and juvenile life without parole sentencing.


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Slowly but surely, the death penalty in Pennsylvania is shriveling up before our eyes. Death sentences are at an all-time low, Governor Wolf has issued a moratorium stopping executions until significant reforms have been announced and implemented, the Chief Justice has acknowledged that our capital punishment system is in “disrepair,” and the state possesses no lethal injection drugs to execute anyone anyway. It might be easy to assume that these factors came together in some sort of happy coincidence, but such is not the case. It took lots of hard work. And it will take lots of hard work to maintain.

The Atlantic Center for Capital Representation (ACCR) has been in the middle of this fight since July of 2010. ACCR has worked with trial lawyers across the state to save their clients from death on a regular basis, and has demonstrated time and again the arbitrary and capricious nature of capital punishment. These victories set the stage for Governor Wolf to announce a moratorium on executions; they compelled our Chief Justice to speak out. In more recent years, ACCR has expanded its mission to include leveling the playing field for juveniles facing life without parole sentences or resentences. Please join us in these efforts by making a tax deductible gift today.

PA's only independent advocate

ACCR prides itself on its independence–we are the only organization in Pennsylvania fighting against the death penalty that takes no money from the government. This allows us to criticize the justice system when necessary with no fear of reprisal. And ACCR has done just that–across the state, we have spoken out when the local establishment has remained silent.

But such independence comes at a cost, or rather a lack of cost. ACCR provides most of its services for free, and this means we have to depend on the kindness of our supporters to stay in existence. Your donation will support ACCR’s work to advance the fight against capital punishment and juvenile life without parole sentencing and will help ensure that all persons charged with a capital offense and all juveniles facing a life sentence without parole–regardless of ethnicity or economic status–will have access to the best legal representation possible. With your help, ACCR can continue to advocate against the death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentences.

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