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A Juvenile Injustice: The Ricky Olds Story.

It’s always difficult to know where to start a story of unimaginable injustice - Ricky Old’s case staggers even experienced public defenders and civil rights lawyers. His case, from beginning to end, has been an insult to justice.  In our continued effort to represent Ricky, we put together a short film about his story.


Fighting for a fair criminal justice system since 2010

The Atlantic Center for Capital Representation (ACCR) is a non-profit death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentencing and resentencing resource center providing consultation and mitigation services, legal advocacy, education, and training to combat the death penalty and juvenile life without parole sentences in Pennsylvania.

Since its inception in 2010, ACCR has functioned as an independent, creative and determined advocate for the local and global reform of our nation’s criminal justice system.

Based in Philadelphia, ACCR is a key resource for defense teams and their clients, legislators, public officials, criminal justice reform assemblies, death penalty advocacy groups, media outlets, and concerned citizens of Pennsylvania, and across the entire United States.


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ACCR is the only organization in Pennsylvania fighting against the death penalty that takes no money from the government. This allows us to criticize the justice system when necessary with no fear of reprisal–and we have done just that across the state, when the local establishment has remained silent.

We're proud of our independence, and committed to providing most of our services for free. This means ACCR's existence depends upon the kindness of our supporters.

Your donation will advance the fight against capital punishment and juvenile life without parole sentencing–and ensure that those facing such sentences will have access to the best legal defense possible, regardless of ethnicity or economic status.